Alexa announcing Google Nest Hello

Alexa announcing Google Nest Hello

So, you have bought a Google Nest Hello doorbell and you want your Alexa device to announce when someone is at the door. Well, look no further as we have the answer for you on how to connect these differing technological platforms together with what might first appear as some sticky back plastic and card.

How to make this work better

The missing ingredients are IFTTT and IJPUK.COM, using these simple services will enable you to automatically recognise people and make your Alexa announce who is at the door.


  1. Create an account on IJPUK.COM and link your Amazon Alexa device, once you have got your Amazon Alexa device chiming using the doorbell test facility, then look at the API settings for the doorbell. From this screen, you will get all the instructions you need for the IFTTT service.
  2. Once you have created an account on IFTTT then connect to your Nest account, configure it recognise someone and finally set it to call a Webhook, specify the details as per the configuration settings from the API settings page from IJPUK.COM Alexa Doorbell by IJPUK Solutions IFTTT service (so much easier)

All done!

  • Can you use Amazon Alexa as a doorbell? Yes, using a technology bridging service from IJPUK.COM
  • Is NEST Hello compatible with Alexa? Yes, Alexa can announce when the doorbell is pressed, see service from IJPUK.COM